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Traverse City MI. Our hometown. There is lots of competition here, like anywhere else that is highly desirable to live. Your website with your brand, is the anchor for all your marketing online.Your social media accounts are wonderful and can drive traffic, but what happens if there is a change in the wind, and your favorite social media platform changes policies?  Can all your traffic dry up? Your website is your golden frame, your anchor to your marketing in this digital world we live and work in.

You know by now that a good looking website is paramount to your efforts to attract customers. What you may not think about, is that your web design architecture can play a MAJOR part in your traffic and conversion. Getting high levels of visibility, and traffic is just as important as having a well laid out and aesthetically pleasing design.

How the web site is designed is all part of what Google refers to as “user experience”.  User experience is everything from how the site looks and feels, to its ease of navigation and it’s in site search capabilities. If your website is not set up in a silo structure, think of a silo like in a farm,where grain, and then other foods are stored in separate facilities- then you are missing out on major opportunities for SEO and user experiences.

Attract the right kind of viewer. Getting your content and message into the hands of those who are ready to take action, a phone call, a form fill or a purchase is why you put your site up to begin with. Make sure you are attracting the right audience.

When a site is laid out, it should be categorized and not mismatched across subjects.  Web design is not simply about having a pretty theme that has nice pictures. It is about how well is the code within the site?  Can the potential customer find your site do to your proper on-page SEO content?  Are you providing valuable content within those pages of your site?  Is your site responsive?  Either HTML5 or a responsive theme.  One thing you may not know is that Google hates, hates, hates having multiple versions of the same site to index.  If your site is not HTML5 or a responsive theme, then Google has to index multiple versions of your site, one for Tablets, then mobile and then desktops-laptops.  That is inconvenient for them and also for the consumer as it will determine site speed load times.

We understand that there are many choices to pick from when considering your next Web Design project and we think that our team of Web Design Experts based in Traverse City, can deliver exceptional results for your local, regional, national or international business.  Don’t forget, we specialize in E-Commerce! Please consider SEOTraverseCity for your next webdesign.

Choosing The Right Traverse City Web Designers


Are their web site designs aesthetically pleasing to you?


Does the overall user experience of the web site, make the end user want to make the call, click the buy button or stop into their location?

Web Site Architecture

Many well meaning web designers think that they understand how a site should be laid out. They think about only the user or about how the menu bar will look. When we design and develop we do so with user experience, conversion, and search engine visibility in mind. Our sites are developed from the ground up to be beautiful, responsive websites that can become a sales tool for your company. Yes, your website can and should make your business money. If you are not experiencing the kind of sales or clicks or visits per month that you think you should have, then you may be in need of a site redesign. Our design experts based in Traverse City MI, can help your business get back on track.

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