Travel & Hospitality In The Holiday SERPS: How To Take Advantage Of Trends [Data]

By Jim Yu


The U.S. holiday season is upon us, and that means travelers are gearing up to go home, find weekend getaways and participate in winter activities. And if you market a travel or hospitality brand, you’re likely gearing up, too.

In this post, we’ll look at three ways your travel and hospitality brand can align its organic search strategy with trends, research and opportunity this holiday season.

Holiday Tip 1: Create Content Based On Seasonal Keyword Trends

We know that keyword trends can be seasonal, and the travel and hospitality industry is no different. Your job as a marketer is to uncover those trends and create strategic content campaigns around seasonal keywords.

At BrightEdge, we tapped into our massive data repository (the Data Cube) to unwrap in-demand topics that people are searching for based on U.S. Google search query data going into the holiday season.

This research allowed us to pinpoint the top 10 searched phrases in travel and accommodations. I’ll share that with you now:

Travel & Accommodation: Deals & Offers

Our research shows that travelers search for seasonal deals and promotions around the holidays. (It is worth noting that the travel and hospitality industry is not immune to the demand for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.) Many businesses in these sectors participate in seasonal offerings just like those in the e-commerce world.

As uncovered by the Data Cube, here are the top 10 searched phrases on Google related to seasonal deals and offers in the travel and accommodation vertical:

  1. Flight deals Cyber Monday
  2. Winter getaways in New England
  3. NYC winter weekend getaways
  4. New York winter getaways
  5. Cyber Monday flight deals
  6. Black Friday flight deals
  7. Winter getaways near NYC
  8. Winter weekend getaways in New England
  9. California winter getaways
  10. Michigan winter getaways

Travel Only: Air Transportation

This portion of the research looked at air travel only to show where searchers were focusing their efforts when thinking about taking …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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