SEO For Wedding Photographers

How Internet Marketing Can Help Wedding Photography Businesses


If you are a photographer working in the Wedding Photography space then you need to read this article.

You may be successful running a one man or one woman shop, or you may have a large agency which serves many clients every week, you can benefit from Advertising.  Many years ago all that was really needed to advertise was to put up a billboard, get a listing in the YellowPages and hope for the phone to ring.  Maybe you would do some networking, and ask for referrals and go to some wedding expos as well.  Now with the Internet and Specifically Google being the primary source of information for your potential clients, you need to put your “digital billboard”.  Of course I am talking about a web site.  But I am not limiting to that term to be just a traditional web site.  There are so many other platforms like the knot, Yelp, Facebook among many others where potential clients can find your services, review or work.

You may be surprised to see how many actual searches there are even in some smaller towns for search terms like “Wedding Photographers”, “Wedding Videographers” and other variations of those searches.  Remember if your billboard does not have prime real estate to be seen then you are giving that traffic and most likely business- to your competition.  In fact, Google while the major source of search traffic has competition for delivering the most specific, targeted  traffic for wedding industry searches.  I mentioned The Knot earlier, and they are a major source of information for people looking for services in their area.  It has search functions, which means that it is in fact a “Search Engine” very similar to Google in that aspect that it sends targeted traffic over to profiles of it’s users that rank at the top of their categories.

You can also rank your page from Yelp, your page from The Knot and other industry specific searches.  Wedding Planners-DJ’s, really anyone in the wedding business really should have a presence on those major platforms and begin to build relationships with the users, putting valuable content like their book of work so as to advertise their expertise.  Of course there are other factors that come into play as far as getting “ranked” on Google or other search engines.  That is where a SEO Expert comes into play and can truly benefit your business.  They can become your marketing company without having to pay benefits, social security and other headaches that can come along with hiring (another) employee.

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