SEO Must Be About More Than Your Website

By Casie Gillette


At SMX East a few weeks ago, Arnie Kuenn, Marketing Land columnist and CEO of Vertical Measures, gave a very interesting statistic around the buying journey.

He noted that 93% of all consumers use search before making a purchase — and on top of that, 86% of people are conducting non-branded queries.

That’s a lot of people using search in the buying process!

The question for marketers is, “Are you optimizing for search?” If you answered yes, here’s another question:

“Are you optimizing for search on all channels?”

For most of us, when we think search and SEO, we think about our website. However, not only do people search on other channels, they also search based on what they see on other channels.

For marketers to truly be successful, SEO has to be synced up with our other marketing avenues. Let’s take a look…

Offline Channels

An iProspect study from 2010 showed that 40% of online searchers were influenced by offline channels. A more recent iProspect study showed that 67% of online users are driven to search from exposure to some offline channel.

Think about it this way: 67% of online users saw something in print, on TV, on the highway, or perhaps, on the train during their morning commute and then headed over to the web to search for it.

As marketers, our job is to ensure that when people take that step, they actually find our website. That’s where SEO comes in!

The challenge for us is that there’s a good chance the person searching won’t be searching for your brand. Truthfully, they probably won’t even remember it.

After all, people barely remember advertisers during the Super Bowl, and that’s when they are actually paying attention to ads.

As marketers, we need to align our SEO strategy with our offline marketing campaigns to …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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