Recharge Your Remarketing With 5 Tips For Q4

By Eric Couch

Remarketing Venn Diagram

I’ll be honest: as a marketer, I love remarketing. A controversial opinion, I know. But it’s so novel, so versatile, and (usually) performs so well that I can’t help but feel compelled to write a love letter to it every once in awhile.

(Which I have. Several times.)

However, to get the most of your remarketing efforts, you can’t just set it and forget it — it needs some care and attention to really flourish.

With Q4 in full swing, it’s long overdue to revisit your strategy. To help you out, here is a collection of five tips you can employ to revitalize your remarketing efforts as we close out 2014.

1. Utilize Analytics Remarketing Lists

There are plenty of benefits to linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts – you can import Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords, view click and cost data in Analytics, and view site engagement metrics alongside your AdWords campaigns.

In addition, you can also create custom remarketing lists for use with AdWords.

For the old timers out there, you’ll remember that Analytics introduced the concept of using a single remarketing tag, then utilizing URL segments to create custom audiences. It was much more user-friendly than AdWords at the time, which has since adopted the same system.

Not to be outdone, Analytics has introduced even fancier targeting methods based off of Analytics site metrics that you can employ to create super-slick custom audiences that are incredibly innovative. Have a look:

Analytics Remarketing Lists

The number of options here are mind-boggling.

Now, you can create remarketing lists off of every single segment, dimension, and metric available to you in Analytics.

So you can segment your users by demographic information, the technology used to visit the site, session recency and frequency, transactions, date of visit, the source they found you with, and …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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