Pound Wise, Penny Foolish SEO (And Content Marketing)

By Tom Schmitz

Marketing Sherpa Marketing Tools

Is your marketing pound wise and penny foolish? What do I mean, and how does this impact search engine optimization (SEO)?

Pound Wise Marketing

Getting in front of decision makers and their influencers is difficult.

That is why each year, companies that sell big-ticket items enthusiastically commit large chunks of money to purchase email lists, sponsor webinars and push out press releases. They exhibit at conferences where they hand out professionally designed and printed brochures. They build websites filled with sales content.

Businesses do this to generate interest and capture those all-important leads that marketing teams pass on to sales reps. They have to. In competitive markets, if companies do not show up, they remain unknown, unremarkable and uncompetitive.

The MarketingSherpa 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report [PDF] shows trade shows, webinars, and email among the most effective marketing tactics.

Investing in these tactics is what I refer to as being “pound wise.”

Pound Foolish SEO

In the past, this marketing strategy had the dual benefit of being a sound SEO strategy, too. All those conferences and press releases created links on trusted sites. These inbound links generated domain authority that drove optimized pages into the rankings.

Today, however, search engines consider these placed links. Many of these types of links no longer pass PageRank or authority. Other types are under scrutiny — in fact, it’s likely that Google and Bing engineers are even now working on algorithm updates that will spell their demise.

I do not want to raise the specter of Penguin, Google’s algorithm to punish domains that actively acquire links designed to manipulate rankings.

In my opinion, press release and conference links and the like fall into the types of links Google says it ignores. For SEO, these links neither help nor harm. While such links are a direct result of financial exchange and therefore “placed” (rather …read more

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