Personal Brand Punch: Why Your Brand Should Be Represented by Real People

By MarkTraphagen

personal brand punch

Posted by MarkTraphagen

What do you think was the biggest leap forward in human evolution?

The ability to walk upright on hind limbs? Stereoscopic eyesight? Opposable thumbs?

I’d argue that our most beneficial adaptation was our propensity to be social. While many other animals are also social to some degree, humans combined the advantages of the pack for defense and hunting with a brain capacity that allowed advanced levels of communication.

That social instinct combined with speech gave us an extraordinary survival ability that led to us becoming the dominant species on the planet.

This article isn’t a science lesson, but I’m proposing that
understanding the social and interpersonal aspect of our humanity is crucial to effective marketing.

Now that may seem like a “duh” to many of you. You get that in this social web era
brands need to be more “human” and be more “engaging,” that they need to foster real “conversations.” However, in this article I’m going to contend that no brand is really fully tapping into the potential of any of those social marketing aspects until they are doing so with real people: actual company representatives who become the “face” for that company in its content and social media interactions.

I intend this as a follow-up and further development of my last two articles for Moz:

  1. Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Fear Assigning Authorship
  2. Author Photos Are Gone: Does Google Authorship Still Have Value?

Both of those articles were about Google Authorship, a
Google Search feature that no longer exists. Yet it is my strong belief that the principal value of Authorship is alive and well. That is, there is tremendous value in having a recognized personal brand with trusted, authoritative content, connected to your company brand.

This article will explore that principle value in …read more

Source:: Moz


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