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Sean V. Bradley announces Remora as the the July Vendor of the Month on Automotive Internet Sales. Automotive Internet Sales brings thousands of automotive professionals together and provides them a hub for conversation.

Christian Jorn, the president of Remora, has been in the automotive SEO industry for 7 years, prior to the presidential position he was the Internet Sales Manager at a Ford dealership in a very rural market, where he increased the dealerships sales by over 100%.

He has had incredible success with Remora because of his hands on approach with his clients. Becoming the most visible dealership in your market is extremely valuable, it makes all the difference in the world and Remora specializes in making a dealership more visible.

Christian goes on to discuss that template dealership websites are impossibly tied to the software use and most of the older software does not allow changes to the templates. If you can’t change your template you can’t adapt to Google (or other search engines) optimization changes. To stay above the curve, Remora re-writes their website software 2-3 times yearly.

The conversation quickly turns to SEO and the debate on paid vs organic search. 5%-10% of a Dealership’s foot traffic comes through paid ads, the rest comes from organic search. He goes on to explain that the real way to win leads on the internet is strong SEO to place high on a Google page. The key to strong SEO is a plan! Christian goes on to explain that most of the people that click on paid ads are in the lower income demographic, so if you’re selling higher priced vehicles, paying for ads may not be best for …read more

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