Is This The End Of The Penguin & Panda Era Shakeups And Recoveries?

By Aaron Friedman


It’s been several weeks since Penguin 3.0 surfaced, and the overall consensus seems to be…. meh. Not much impact overall. In fact, Google reported less than 1% change across their search results.

We have seen similar results across sites claiming to have been penalized. At RankAbove, we work with a tremendous amount of data. Some of these data are client data and some are data we have been tracking to glean insights.

Across almost 25,000 tracked keywords for sites impacted by Penguin, we saw little change.

Ranking Delta after Penguin

Ranking delta after Penguin 3.0

What does this tell us? Basically, that not a whole lot has changed since the last time the update happened and devastated sites across the web.

There were such high hopes that a Penguin refresh would save the day for many small online businesses, but the results say otherwise. It seems we will not see the same kind of drastic changes we saw in the past. We have finally arrived at the leveling off point and this seems to be the new normal.

But what about all the online businesses who were hoping for their royal pardon? Why haven’t they recovered?

How Penguin & Panda Were Believed To Work

When Penguin and Panda first arrived on the scene, they shook up the search engine results pages (SERPs) in a necessary way. There was so much trash and spam out there. And there still is.

The purpose of these algorithm updates was to fix these spam problems. By putting into place systems that allowed them to devalue those who had been playing an unfair game, Google caused a major shakeup, with sites falling out of positions they “deserved” through hard work.

This was, perhaps, the biggest fallacy of them all. These sites never did “deserve” those results. They were artificially …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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