Getting Down To Business: Our Top 10 B2B Search Marketing Columns For 2014

By Jessica Thompson


Business-to-business (B2B) search marketers are in a challenging position. New search features are often geared towards the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector, and much of the literature on best practices and cutting edge search strategies tends to be B2C focused as well.

Luckily, a number of industry veterans were generous enough to share their knowledge and expertise with Search Engine Land’s readership over the past year, providing advice uniquely tailored to the needs of B2B search marketers.

Content marketing was an especially hot topic, with many B2B marketers seeking information on how to effectively align their content marketing and search engine optimization initiatives. Readers also wanted to learn how best to utilize social media within a B2B context.

What follows is a list of our top ten B2B Search Marketing Columns of 2014:

  1. How Much Content Do You Need For B2B SEO Success? by Derek Edmond. Published on 4/9/14. 2.4K social shares across all platforms.
  2. The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Baidu SEO by Harrison Jones. Published on 1/2/14. 929 social shares across all platforms.
  3. How 3 B2B Companies Integrate SEO In Their Online Marketing Strategies by Derek Edmond. Published on 2/12/14. 1.3K social shares across all platforms.
  4. B2B Content Marketers: Are You Making These 5 Common SEO Mistakes? by Nate Dame. Published on 9/12/14. 2K social shares across all platforms.
  5. How To Choose The Right Social Media Networks For Your B2B Business by Jayson DeMers. Published on 3/19/14. 2.3K social shares across all platforms.
  6. 20 Ways B2B SEOs Can Leverage Markup by Derek Edmond. Published on 11/19/14. 1.2K social shares across all platforms.
  7. A Step-By-Step Guide To Link Building For Boring Industries Or Products by Matthew Barby. Published on 6/18/14. 966 social shares across all platforms.
  8. Are You Using Your B2B Marketing Personas Effectively? by <a class="colorbox" rel="nofollow" …read more

    Source:: SearchEngineLand


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