Enabling HTTPS Without Sacrificing Your Web Performance

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A fast website is a
crucial component of a great user experience. So much so that a few years ago Google announced that they were using page load time as a factor in search engine rankings. More recently, Google also announced that they would be favoring websites that use Transport Layer Security (TLS) in its search rankings. TLS encrypts a website’s traffic preventing other entities from monitoring its communications. However, adding this protection introduces more complexity to your website and how it communicates with your visitors, potentially slowing things down and negatively affecting the user experience. In this blog post, I will show you how to implement TLS on your website while keeping it fast and responsive.

Conventions and disclaimers

Before we start, a quick note on naming. Beside TLS, you may have also heard the term SSL.
SSL was the original encrypted connection protocol created by Netscape in the mid ’90s. TLS is the industry standard protocol that grew out of SSL and has continued to evolve and improve while development of SSL has ceased. In the past, SSL and TLS have been largely interchangeable terms. However, the final version of SSL, SSLv3, was recently found to be not secure. All versions of SSL now have known security problems and no one should be using any version of SSL. To avoid confusion, we will not mention SSL again, and will talk exclusively about TLS.

Additionally, while TLS does help protect your websites’s visitors from eavesdroppers, it does not magically make your site
“secure” from security flaws like cross-site scripting or SQL injection. If you store personal data or conduct commerce through your website, you should explore more rigorous web application security options.

Finally, any type of guide, tutorial, …read more

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