Digital Marketing Advice For The Forward-Thinking Business In 2015

By Trond Lyngbø

4 SEO Tips For 2015

Every new year brings new challenges — and fresh opportunities. Smart, future-oriented businesses are prepared for both and will thrive. The less savvy ones will succumb to the changed environment, or at least seriously underperform.

So, what’s my advice for businesses heading into 2015? Allow me to share some general wisdom, its applications to SEO and digital marketing, and practical advice for navigating potential issues in the year ahead.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Here’s a scenario that occurs far too often, in my experience.

A business will decide to buy a new content management system (CMS), either because their current one no longer meets their needs or because it’s “redesign time.”

“Our old CMS is holding us back,” the client will tell me during a consultation. “It’s time to change!”

Once they buy and install the new CMS, they expect that it will magically make everything better.

What they don’t understand (or at least refuse to admit) is that the old CMS wasn’t the problem. The problem was the fact that they bought it without thoroughly investigating if it was right for their present needs and would serve their future requirements as well.

The capabilities of software, and even the future roadmap, are easy to find out in advance with some preliminary research. However, in most businesses, these decisions are made by someone who is not qualified to tell if a particular CMS is the best solution. This business-critical choice is, surprisingly, based upon gut feeling and perceptions from a sales presentation.

A trusted and convincing sales person can use the right selling points to move the decision-maker a step further along the buying process. But in such a situation, the sales person is not your friend. It’s just like while you’re buying a home. The real estate agent isn’t your friend. He …read more

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