Apple Inc SEO: A Walk Through The Mystery Of

By Chris Liversidge


You’d think being head of SEO at Apple would be the easiest job in the world.

You have 1.4 Billion backlinks to work with. You have constantly refreshed content featuring the most desirable products in the world. Your every utterance about even the most arcane business nuance is pored over by the world’s media

(Quick disclaimer: I actually don’t own a single Apple product; I prefer a jolly green humanoid brand.)

Apple's backlink profile on - jealous Yet?

Apple’s backlink profile on — jealous yet?

And that’s why, I suspect, Apple doesn’t advertise that it even has a head of SEO.

But hopefully there’s one out there somewhere since I recently stumbled over a technical SEO problem that may sound very familiar to big brands the world over: the “legacy” brand.

Now, you may work somewhere that creates a new brand every other week to target a new audience segment; this is especially common in Pharma, Finance or Food (though it’s not uncommon in less salubrious sectors as well).

New brands mean new domains. New domains mean new headaches for the SEO group. And new brands are also unlikely to ever eclipse the parent brand these days.

So, if you’re trying to build out a new domain for a new brand launch with sky-high expectations for SEO performance from day one, then you know the challenge I’m alluding to here.

But what I found at Apple was the quirky flipside of that issue: the old brand that just won’t go away.

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