AdWords Scripts For Every Level: Part 4, A Real World Use Case (Free Script Included)

By Ginny Marvin

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Here’s an unexpected bonus to close out our (now) four-part series on AdWords Scripts. If you are still having trouble seeing the practical value in scripts, this post just may sway you.

Frederick Vallaeys put me in touch with Marcela De Vivo, owner of digital marketing firm Gryffin, when I asked him for tips for this series. Turns out De Vivo saw Vallaeys speak about Scripts and was immediately hooked on trying to find ways to put them to use at her agency.

De Vivo will be the first to tell you that Scripts are not a novice game. She says she quickly saw the value of scripts from Vallaeys, but knew she’d have to turn to a developer to make them do what she wanted. She found a programmer who also understands AdWords — making communication that much easier — and hasn’t looked back.

Cut Management Time By 90 Percent

De Vivo says that with the scripts they’ve developed, she and her team spend one tenth (a tenth!) of the time they used to on campaign management tasks.

One of the simpler scripts she put together for the holidays allowed them to pre-program all of their clients’ holiday campaigns so they didn’t have to worry about remembering to pause or start the campaigns. They now rely on scripts for many routine tasks that can be automated and continue to build out new scripts to improve efficiency.

To help make the case for embracing Scripts, De Vivo has agreed to share one of her power scripts with us.

Manage SQRs Like A Boss

The script De Vivo is sharing is called the SQR Manager.

We all know search query reports are gold. Managing them can be a total time suck, though. This script helps make taking action on SQRs much easier.

“You run the script, and it pulls …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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