6 Things You Always Wanted To Know About AdWords Match Types (But Were Afraid To Ask)

By Matt Lawson


Broad, modified broad, phrase, exact. Keywords and their match types are a foundational part of AdWords, but there are still some finer points of match type management that remain up for debate even amongst advanced practitioners.

In that spirit, I worked with the product manager for keyword match types in AdWords and got some of your biggest questions answered.

These questions came from conferences, chats with account managers, online forums, and scraps of paper I had on my desk whose origins are lost to the sands of time. They’re basically the questions I’ve heard from the people who seem to know everything there is to know about AdWords.

1. Should I use phrase match, or was that made irrelevant by modified broad match?

Both of these match types are great for multi-word keywords. The difference is all about whether or not the order of those words in your keyword matters. In most cases, order doesn’t matter, and in those cases you’ll probably be just fine with modified broad.

An example of a rare case where order matters would be someone who advertises a brand of car speakers called RoadThunder. They would definitely want to appear for any searches that include the words “road thunder” in that order. But +road +thunder might serve a different set of users whose searches, boss as they might be, might not be looking for speakers for their car.

You know your keyword set, and you know if there’s potential for ambiguities if the order of words changes. Use phrase if there’s a potential for mixups, but modified broad works if your order isn’t going to change the intent of someone’s search.

2. Are there “noise” words that don’t need to be present in a query for your modified broad match keywords to serve?

In this case …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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