3 Proven Ways To Write Ads That Deliver More Conversions

By Frederick Vallaeys

Example AdWords Ad 3

Last month I spoke with David Greenbaum of Boost Media — a company for which I am an advisor and a shareholder — about the reasons why ad text fatigue sets in and what advertisers can do to keep ads engaging.

After our conversation, I began to wonder about specific steps David might recommend for improving ads. Since its inception in 2009, Boost Media has written hundreds of thousands of ads for enterprise brands and agencies.

What follows is his advice — in his own words — and some guidelines Boost Media has developed for writing and testing ads that any marketer could use to see a positive impact on campaign performance.

David Greenbaum headshot

Boost Media founder and CEO David Greenbaum

And Now To David

Last month, we discussed ad fatigue in SEM campaigns and ways to combat it. For optimal performance, digital ads need frequent attention, much like offline ads. Ad copy should never be pushed aside as a “set it and forget it” task.

When ad copy is continually refreshed to stay relevant based on evolving needs and seasonality, conversion rates improve. This is no more true than during the holiday season.

Well over half (56%) of holiday shoppers expect to make at least some of their purchases online this year, and online sales are predicted to increase 8 to 11% over last year.

Online shoppers are big spenders — they plan to spend 16% more on holiday shopping than offline shoppers. Given that the holiday season is a make-or-break proposition for so many retailers, it’s important that online marketers use every tool in their optimization kit to increase conversions, and that includes writing better ads.

Marketers don’t have to rely on guesswork to write better ads. As discussed last month, good ads:

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