3 Key Display Advertising Themes For Search Marketers

By Matt Ackley


Digital marketers’ jobs are not getting any easier.

Whereas search marketing complexity arises from the sheer volume of keywords and campaigns that brands have to manage and optimize for, display marketing complexity is born from the dizzying array of players in the display ecosystem.

It’s hard to keep track of the seemingly endless number of publishers, networks, exchanges and ad tech vendors, each of which plays a specialized and sometimes important role.

And, with the increasing “search-ification” of programmatic display (and social) ad buying, we’ve seen that more search marketers are finding themselves taking on additional cross-channel responsibilities or working more closely with their social and display counterparts.

So, if you’re a search marketer expanding your horizons to include the world of display, what are some of the things that require a shift in mentality?

Giving Conversion Credit To Uncertainty

One of the philosophical challenges search marketers face when managing display advertising responsibilities is that there is an inherent impreciseness that will always exist in measuring display advertising’s impact.

Whereas search advertisers have always enjoyed the position of standing at the end of the fire hose, turning on the spigot when someone requests water and keeping it off when someone doesn’t, this dynamic doesn’t apply to display.

Nobody clicks on display ads. And when people do click on your display ad, chances are they’re not the people you want to target, or they clicked on it by mistake.

But, just because nobody clicks on your display ad doesn’t mean it isn’t making an impact. Thus, the view-through conversion was born.

Why View-Through Conversions Matter

The logic behind view-through conversions is easy to get your head around. If someone sees your ad, that ad should get some credit for the conversion, even if the user didn’t convert on that specific ad impression.

However, view-throughs can still be difficult for search …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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