21 Link Building Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Guest Posting

By Erin Everhart


As an industry, I think we’ve gotten better at not relying completely on guest posting as the only way to get links. I think. At least, I sure hope we have.

Don’t get me wrong: Guest posting done correctly still works really well – note the emphasis on “done correctly.” I’m not recommending you remove it from your tactic list, but a little tactical diversity never hurt anyone.

Note: I’m keeping these high level and vague on purpose in order to inspire as many starter ideas as possible. I find this to be ideal for brainstorming. It’ll be up to you to take the ones you like, add your own twist, and flesh it out to make it work for your company. (C’mon, I can’t do all the work for you!)

PR Boilerplate. Press releases aren’t dead. Make sure you have an optimized boilerplate at the end of all of your news releases that talks about your company. It’s almost always included if/when your release gets picked up by another source.

Executive Bios. Make your executives available for interviews or Q&As with industry publications, and make sure all their standard bios have an optimized link.

Internal Linking. Don’t limit yourself just to external sources. Revise your internal linking strategy to make sure you’re giving Google all the right signals on what pages are most important.

Job/Internship Postings. Make sure any open positions you have live on your site, not just on Monster or Career Builder. Most colleges and high schools will link out to active listings, and you can refer traffic to your job posting from any of the listing sites.

Glossaries. Especially if you’re in a jargon-heavy industry, publish a glossary of terms or acronym list as a resource for others.

Reddit AMA. Especially if you’re in an interesting industry, participate in Reddit AMA …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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