20 Ways B2B SEOs Can Leverage Schema.org Markup

By Derek Edmond

Google Site Search Example

In a Searchmetrics report earlier this year, Schema.org – U.S. 2014: Rich snippets with HTML Microdata and RDF, it was revealed that while less than 1% of all domains researched had schema.org integrations present, almost 41% of keyword search queries contained a result snippet derived from schema.org markup.

Schema.org markups in Google SERPs for almost 40% of keywords investigated

More importantly, domains with schema.org integrations had significantly higher SEO visibility scores than those domains that did not include them.

Even with these findings, B2B marketers might remain skeptical, given that the most popular examples of schema.org integrations tend to be more consumer oriented. TV Reviews, Product Ratings, and Recipes are popular examples, but these obviously have a greater impact in the B2C space.

But, there is hope for B2B SEO, as well.

In this column, I will discuss 20 schema.org integration opportunities for B2B search marketers, organized by broader topics and how they can impact online marketing goals and objectives.

Note that this column reviews concepts and opportunities. If you’re looking for specific code references, BuiltVisible has a nice blog post detailing markup examples. Some of the links I provide to schema vocabularies also contain examples.

Quick Review: What Is Schema?

Schema.org is a tagging vocabulary that marketers and website owners can use to mark up their HTML pages in ways recognized by major search providers.

Via the Schema.org website:

On-page markup enables search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results in order to make it easier for users to find relevant information on the web. Markup can also enable new tools and applications that make use of the structure.

What Google says about schema.org:

Search engines are using on-page markup in a variety of ways – for example, Google uses it to create rich …read more

Source:: SearchEngineLand


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