Social Media Management

How To Use Social Media Accounts and Their Reach To Create Communities, Foster Fan Development and Increase sales.

Let’s be honest. Your business does have a Facebook account, it has a Yelp page, it has Foursquare.  But what type of revenue has it brought to you?  Have you ever wondered that?  Well fact of the matter is, those reviews on Yelp, on Google +, they do matter.  The more people are talking about you helps legitimize your business in the eyes of the search engines.  Google, especially with Google Local ranks very highly off of reviews.  Now, if only you knew how to get those reviews to show up in the search results and to make all those positive reviews sell for you.

A recommendation from a satisfied customer will outsell a sales person almost any day of the week.  So, if you have those great reviews or likes or plus one’s- put them to work for you.

We can Manage your social media accounts, post on your behalf, provide content, optimize your YouTube videos and provide ideas on how to do social media better on a local level.

Foursquare  and Yelp Can Drive Customers to your Store and Site

Foursquare is not just about leaving “tips” about places and checking in.  If you implement a robust social media plan, you can actually use Foursquare and Yelp.  They can be another sales website.

Quite Simply, when someone searches on Google for “life insurance Traverse City”  you can rank your Foursquare account as well as your actual “www” site.  These types of social media or web 2.0 properties are valuable because they are controlled for the most part by the customers.
People trust these types of sites usually more than the “www” sites because of that.

Yelp, while in the same vein as Foursquare is more in-tune with reviews and Foursquare is more about checking in and being seen.  The  Focus on optimizing these sites are similar.

Making sure your message is consistent across all platforms is very important for your Brand!

The Ugly Step Child of the Social Media World No More| Why  Linked In Matters

LinkedIn is extremely important for professionals.  Your skills can be on display as well as people recommending or endorsing you for those skills.  This data is highly valuable in the search engine algorithms.

If I am looking for an attorney, and see their skills listed and their recommendations I know right off the bat if they practice the kind of law I need help in.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile gets found!


Instagram drives traffic to your site|How to Use Instagram to Grow your Business

How to Use Instagram to Increase your business. Instagram is just for teenagers and hippies right?  Well, that is not true anymore.  Instagram has become uncool in the teenager market (they all use snapchat) and thus made room for regular business people and adults to use it.

Now this social media platform varies with how each industry can use it. If you are a lawyer and your client just got convicted of a crime- Instagram is probably not what you want to use, or any social media for that matter.  Now, if your client is happy because you won the case, then maybe that might work.

Industries where Instagram works best:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bike Shops
  • Clothing Store Boutiques
  • Bars
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Real Estate Agents
Monetize Your Facebook Page|Get Your Facebook Page Ranked on Google

Facebook is the world’s largest active social media platform.  If your business is not using Facebook then that needs to change.  Unfortunately, most likely your business is not using Facebook to its full potential.  Most likely you are leaving money on the table, or the keyboard so to speak.

When someone is looking for a service provider, lets say a roofing company in Traverse City MI, they will typically Google it and check the results.  They will also often ask their friends and family on Facebook as well.  A post will often look like this, “does anyone have a recommendation for a good roofer in town?   Social is a huge factor in decisions that are outside of our normal buying process.

YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine in the world.

Some times people forget that YouTube is actually a search engine. It is not just about squirrels riding motorcyles or dogs that can sing, although that is a large part of it.  YouTube can be a platform to deliver a message directly to your potential customer base.  If there are two search results for a category, one is a Video, the other is a blog post, which one would you visit?

Most people, myself included would click on the video as they are more entertaining.  YouTube can be great for social media and marketing of your products or services.  So if you have videos and you are not getting the traffic, views, subscriptions, or Google Rankings that you want; it is time to get a hold of

 We are the Traverse City Search Engine Optimization Experts.