Social Media And SEO|How To USE Your Active Social Media Accts For Revenue

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Can I REALLY Monetize Social Media?

Well Yes you can.  To really understand how an active social media presence benefits your business, your customers, your conversion rates and your Earnings you need to understand how Google works.

SEO For Social Media Services

SEO For Social Media-

Digital Marketing is changing. With websites and applications like Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter among others have changed the way that consumers interact with brands. Some industry experts myself included call it “social proofing” when a company is active online on these platforms.

Without active and engaging accounts to prove that the company is legitimate, other companies with similar offerings, similar SEO Metrics can win out. Let’s dig a bit deeper. Let’s say your competitor… has the same Domain Authority, Page Authority for all the same pages.

Domain Authority is how trusted a site is in an estimation of Google’s Algo. Page Authority is how powerful those sites are. DA is the accumulation of the PA of all the Pages in the site. So assuming your competition has the same metrics across the board, the difference can be Where the traffic is coming in from.

Google has many data partners. So- if your competition has active social accounts and is getting real traffic and links (more to come on that) from these trusted data partners; then Google will be able to see that yes they are active and engaging and can and will award better rankings to your competition.

Think about Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Every time someone Retweets or Reblogs your original post you have votes of confidence from Very High Domain Sites (average between the 3 is 99 DA out of 100). With that you can power up your social media posts, driving SEO value as well as traffic to your sites. Picture this, would you rather have a link from a directory site that is pretty generic talking about cars with Domain Authority of 30 and Page authority 32, or would you rather have a social media post with hundreds of retweets or reblogs from Domain Authority sites of 99 and Page Authority of 30? The correct answer is the Latter option.

Meet the customer where they are. The 4 P’s of Marketing are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. You know your product, price. Let’s talk about how we promote and WHERE we promote. Again, we want to be where our potential customers are. My grandma is on Facebook. So many elderly people are on some form of social platform or another if they are in the sub 70 age range.

Social Media Services Traverse City

Having an active presence online will benefit our SEO efforts in many ways, as well as long term help with your branding, brand loyalty and market positioning.


  1. Trusted Brands Have active Social Profiles. Google Sees that and builds that into their algorithms.
  2. Google can see where Traffic is coming from. Brands that have active Social Accounts will get real users from these sites to their Home and Inner Pages. Google rewards that with higher rankings and greater Trust.
  3. When you share content as a post or tweet etc, and you have a link back to your product page that you are promoting, if it gets likes, retweets or shares; there is inherent and real SEO value. The pages that re-share your content are coming from Very High Domain Authority sites and can and do have similar if not the same metrics as a back link.
  4. Customers expect brands to have social accounts where they can interact with you and see what you have going on. It is hard to have Raving Fans if you are not meeting them where they are meeting and “hanging out”.

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