Can Your Local Web Site Out Rank The Big Sites like Amazon, Zillow and the like?

If you are a business professional and you need to have your web site in a prevalent search spot on Google then you need to read this.  Have you noticed lately than when you search for topics like “homes for sale” have results that show up from large sites like Zillow, Trulia for homes?  Why is that?

One of the primary differences between your website and these large sites is the Domain Authority.  The domain authority of a site is a statistic that is used to measure the trust and measure the strength of a web site.  Most local websites for real estate agents have much lower domain authority of a site like Zillow.  Zillow has hundreds of  thousands of pages, which along with the thematic relevance of the pages all being about real estate, adds to the Domain Authority.  So, how do you outrank the Zillow type sites?

One way is by being even more niche’d and thematically relevant.  If your search terms are “condos for sale in my city” than make your site or at least a few pages dedicated to “condos for sale in my city”.  By being very specific in your language and didactic in what you are wanting to be found for.  By having a theme in your site dedicated to your actual market, you show Google that your site is “more thematically relevant” and therefore more closely related to the search results that the searcher is looking for.  You will almost certainly never have a site as large as Zillow and other mega sites in other industries but that does not mean that you cannot win the war for the hearts and eyes for the searchers.

One other way, is the old, “If you cannot beat them, join them.”  What I mean by that is most times with those large sites they allow you to build a professional page for yourself or for your business.  Then, think of that page as your own website, which you are able to leverage the high domain authority and trust from.  You simply need to keep providing thematically relevant content, social shares and credible thematically relevant back links (like votes of confidence from other websites) and you will start making positive gains in rankings.

This article applies to many other industries as well, so think about which sites rank at the top of your desired search results, and see if you can build a page and build off of that platform in conjunction with building your own site up as well.

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