4 Ways TO INCREASE YOUR SERPS Without Being An SEO Pro


 Content-Social-Design-Referring Domains (links)

Blah blah bla blah bla.  That is what most of the content out there on the market sounds like.  YOUR content needs to grab your readers attention and KEEP their attention.   How do you do that?  You know your customers and potential customers better than your competition right?  Well use what you know about your customers and create content around that.  Find what causes them to stay up at night, find out what is the source of their pain- ie why are they searching for your product or services?

Then write an EYE CATCHING HEADLINE— and most importantly deliver the content that was promised in the headline.  Buzz words like “weird” “stranger” or having numbers in your headlines are working exceptionally well right now.  “3 ways to grow a third arm”.  That is an odd example but you see it caught the readers attention and it has numbers in it and the number isn’t so long the reader will quit reading.

Be Where your customers and potential customers are.  That is one of the pillars of Marketing- Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.  Social is about being in the right place where your people are. If they are on facebook, yelp, foursquare or instagram, guess where you should be?  ALL those places- and this is important don’t just post the same stuff to the different accounts people that use those often use them for different reasons.  Know the “room” in which you are operating in and know what the client wants where they are at.  At a sea food place, you don’t offer the patrons a grilled cheese sandwich unless that patron is a 2 year old.

Design- your site needs to be easy to navigate and be pleasing to the eye.  If the design is horrible people will “bounce” and not come back, thus limiting your ability to sell them or help them with what ails them.

Referrals- think of backlinks as letters of recommendation.  When you get a referral from the president of the united states of america does that help in a job interview more than a letter from your uncle joe?  Of course it does.  The same thing with domains that refer your site or property.  The higher Domain Authority of the site the more respect and power that Google views that their referrals to you is.  Make sure your links are not spammy and are relevant to your niche and industry.


These my friends will help you increase your rankings.

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