Is Your Business Ready For Summer? 2015 Seasonal Business SEO Strategies N. Michigan

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Yes Summer is coming. Today is a high of 40 degrees, and yes that is cold but… the sun is out.  So there is hope. What we want to talk about today is how to take advantage of the increase in population that happens in Northern Michigan, specifically Traverse City and how your business can make more money from this time of year.

We all know that there are a good number of “snow birds” or retirees that travel to and from warm climate to Traverse City and simply chase the sun.  Add in the fact that there is a large amount of “fudgees” or tourists and the population rises drastically.

Let’s say  you own a landscaping business.  Now, being end of March is the time when you want to get your Face, Name, Phone number out in front of people as home owners are looking to improve their dwelling, or make it prettier.  This time of year, my lawn finally starts to show and I always get voles in my yard. They tear it up, so I have to go out and rake it and reseed it and fertilize etc.  If I wasn’t into being outdoors and doing it myself, I would go go Google, and type in, “Best Landscaper Traverse City”.  What I would find is a list that looks like this.

SEO For Landscapers, Traverse City MI

If you click on the image you will see a larger snap shot which shows a few local listings indicated by Map Pins as well as the first few organic rankings. In reality it would not be too terribly hard for a landscaping company to get into the Map section, as long as they had the correct SEO consultant to help them.

IS SEO Worth The Money?

Well, let’s take a look at a scenario.  Let’s say that there are 1,000 searches for landscapers in Traverse City during peak months. Well then you have to figure how many jobs can we handle? If we get more business, will we be able to hire enough people? Will our quality of work suffer? Do we have the proper support staff to handle these leads? If you were to close 5% of the searches that would 50 new landscaping contracts each month Multiply that by the Amount of Revenue Per each job, and you my friend as my theoretical owner of a landscaping company could be missing out on A LOT OF MONEY.

How Do I get my business On Google?

A good place to start is by picking up the phone and calling 231-680-0624 or by filling out or analysis form. With the Mobile “Apocalypse” nearly upon us the time is now to take action and make sure your website is ready for the SERPS splitting. If your business is not easily found on the first page of Google, you quite literally are losing money.


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