Why You Need An Online Reputation Management Expert

Reputation Management Expert

If you have not heard of reputation management by now, then you have most likely not had the displeasure of someone using the internet to voice their opinion of your business.  This usually happens in the negative context.  Unhappy or resentful customers are 10x more likely to leave a review or comment somewhere than a satisfied customer.  It gives them a feeling of vindication to leave a nasty review.

This has a negative affect on your business.  When people are looking for a professional in your industry, they will typically start with a broad search.  If you show up in the search results well, they will click on you.  They will typically click on a few results, then narrow it down.  Those are the first cuts.  Assuming you make it through the first round of cuts then they will actually Google you or your business.  What happens when nasty reviews on Yelp, ripoffreports and other sites start popping up?  Your potential customer will most likely see the 1 or 2 stars on Yelp, and see the fact that you have a rip off reports grievance against you and move on to the next business that does not.  Even if the claim was not valid, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Now, a former customer has every right to let you know that they were not happy with their experience, and hopefully you did the best you could to remedy that. Maybe they took down the comments, after the situation was resolved, but maybe they did not.  Those negative reviews are hurting your pocketbook and you may not even realize it.  Just Google your business name and see what pops up.

When your business is in need of cleaning up its online reputation, you need a reputation repair specialist.







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