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Basically SEO is all about helping get your content or your message noticed.  Pretend you are in a crowd of people.  There is someone onstage asking questions.  These are very important questions, and if you are picked to answer these questions then you will receive money.  Most likely, a lot of money.  What would you do to get your answers to be picked?  Well, let’s pretend that all the people in the crowd are shouting their answers at the top of their lungs and jumping up and down for an answer.

They are making all kinds of noise and motions to get noticed, however with everyone else doing the same thing, they look no different than the person standing next to them.  Then, you being the genius that you are simply start walking.  You walk through the crowd, up to the stage, climb up the steps of the stage and tap the presenter on the shoulder.  You just got noticed simply because you did something different, a paradigm shift if you will. You can pretty much guess where this is going.  The presenter being the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.  The crowd of people are websites and the people behind those websites trying to get their business noticed.

Smart SEO is all about doing something that will make you stand out, whether that is using social platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. or optimizing a website. There are many things that go into Search Engine Optimization.  Competition comes into play, how competitive are the search terms or keywords that you are trying to rank for?  On page content, or the words that are on your website pages and posts play a part of that.  If you have too many of your specific search terms on the screen, when updates come down from Google you will most likely be penalized for “keyword stuffing”. You need to have your content produced first for the reader and secondly for the search engines.

How To Get On Google

If people find your site based on search result rankings, but it is poorly written or just stuffed with keywords that have no continuous thought or them, then the reader will “bounce”.  “To bounce” means that they go onto your site and then never click on another link or go to another page.  They did not find any other content that was worthwhile on your site so they left. Eventually the search engines will catch on that your site holds little to no value and will reward another better deserving site with your spot. Make sure that when you are looking for a Search Engine Company, that they don’t just quote you a standard package price.  Standard package prices are just that, standard. There is no keyword research done to determine how much search traffic exists for your keywords.  By keywords I mean, the phrases or search terms that you want to be found for.

So, if you are a plumber in Traverse City, you would want to be found for “Plumber Traverse City” “Traverse City Plumber” etc. With standard packages there is often no analysis of the competition to determine how difficult or how much time it will take before you can get onto Page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo. Also no time frame for how to take the first spot on page one.  You want to find a SEO Professional who knows how to analyze the landscape and who can confidently deliver a package just for you and for the needs of your business. No business is the same, neither are their needs and goals.

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