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You found this page by using the power of Search Engine Optimization looking for Grand Rapids SEO. My on page and off page SEO strategies told Google’s Search Engines that this page was worthy of a top placement in the search for “Grand Rapids MI SEO”.    Hi my name is Steve Twomey and I can help your company become more successful with your online marketing where we can translate visitors online into real sales in the real world.

As a business owner or business professional you may have heard about search engine optimization and the  benefits to employing strategies that revolve around SEO.  Either you have decided to just try to DIY SEO, or you have hired a Grand Rapids SEO Company before, or lastly you have stuck your head in the sand and figured this whole internet thing was a fad.  Most likely if you are still in  business you do not fall into the last category.

Let’s talk about why some people think SEO does not work.  Well first off I get it.  In a land long ago out in Utah I owned an Insurance Agency.  I was looking for ways to boost my visibility and bring in more home and auto policies.  I hired a large SEO company who promised results.  After several months of ZERO rankings increases I decided to fire them and learn how to blog.  I started blogging and providing fresh original content related to “earthquake insurance in salt lake city”.  I studied and learned more about SEO and was able to get my site up onto the first page of Google.  That was my first experience in Search Engine Optimization and online marketing.  It was more out of necessity than want.  Today, Google’s algorithms are so complex and change constantly that unless you are a professional SEO company you really don’t have time to stay up on all the latest up dates.

SEO Experts In GR

Our in house SEO Experts serve the Grand Rapids market and can help when you need to get to the top of Google. We don’t just rank your websites.  We have the power to leverage high authority domains to help you rank your social media properties.  What does that mean for you?  We can blanket page one with your results.  Want to gain instant credibility in your niche?  We can give you an unfair competitive advantage when it comes to dominating your local search results.

Video SEO.  Our understanding of how to rank YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion videos on Google allow us to help you rank your own videos.  In case you have not noticed Google loves video content.  They are able to capitalize on ads that you can allow on your videos.  Videos are a great platform for people to absorb content and for YouTube to create additional ad revenue.  Call us to talk about how to rank your Videos.

We specialize in Grand Rapids Real Estate Search Engine Optimization, Legal SEO, Medical Search Engine Optimization in Grand Rapids MI.


Attract More Customers with Strategies for Grand Rapids MI Search Engine Optimization-

  • When your Michigan business is in need of more customers, our Traverse City Michigan based SEO Company  can help propel your business into prime territory to acquire new customers.  Many years ago,  Yellow Page listings used to be very effective.  Now with Google, Bing, and Yahoo being the new avenue in which people find businesses and services that they are in need of, you need to be found easily on these search engines.
  • If you are looking to grow your business, internet marketing is often one of the best most cost effective avenues, capable of delivering the highest rates of ROI (Return On Investment) for your marketing dollars.  As leaders in the field of Michigan Internet Marketing Services we are able to help implement a wide variety of strategies which can help drive traffic, increase conversions and help grow your business with increased sales.


What Is The Key To Getting On the First Page of Google in Traverse City?  Proper SEO Strategies.

  • Grand Rapids is a very highly skilled town. With so many Doctors, Lawyers and other technical professionals out there it can often be difficult to get your business noticed.
  • Get your business noticed in a big way by implementing a local GR Internet Marketing program. From local searches all the way up to national searches, our experts can help your business gain traffic, increase conversions and generate more revenue.


How Do I get My Business To Show Up On Google Maps?

  • You have most likely noticed that when you search for certain keywords, a Map Shows up full of little red pins that shows local business with their phone number, directions and website all in one convenient place to click.  For certain searches the “7 Pack” can be more valuable than the organic and the paid ads (in most every circle it is recognized that organic is more trusted than paid ads via Ad Words).
  • The reason the 7 Pack is so valuable for searches it is simply two “clicks” and you are able to call their business right from your mobile device. As opposed to going through the organic listings and finding the phone number clicking on the link for their phone number, assuming it is “click to call” enabled.
  • You need a Grand Rapids Digital Marketing Expert to assist you with these upcoming changes.  Our agency stays on the cutting edge and is one of the few Search Engine Optimization Companies that truly understands how to get your company listed in these “7 Packs” and how to help with your organic traffic as well.


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