Map Rankings Change With Adwords In Map Pack Rankings

Google Map Pack-AKA-SnackPack Gets Adwords Placement

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Google Map Pack Gets 2 Spots 1 Paid

If you have not heard that Google is starting to place Adwords spots in the previously 3 Organic Map Pack, it’s pretty huge for SEOs and local businesses.  For those that were completely off PPC, you may want to reactivate your Adwords account, because this is sure to be a “dog fight” for bidding into the previously exclusive Map Pack Listings with the Pins. The benefits of the Map Rankings are, on mobile, you can click to call, and get directions.  It’s kind of a big deal! Learn more about getting ranked in Google Maps by contacting us.  You can also an SEO Page and see that we give some basic tips for Ranking In Google Maps, they are about 2/3 of the way down the page.

The sole true approach to gain such status is via the use of the carefully executed optimization plan which encompasses many methods. Most of the time, a great review could produce the difference between an inquiry and also a sale. In fact it’s quite the opposite, to be able to successfully set a presence online, a website should actively pursue its readers and possible customers. It really is for this particular reason that Places has become this kind of asset to local small business owners. In cases like this, as in just about all neighborhood searches, Google displays a neighborhood map and listings of the top ten search outcomes.

Should you be not using search engine marketing to build up your website or company then you’re being left within the dust by your fellow internet marketers. Having your site listed within the Local small business results is quite a straight forward process. Don’t forget, it is advisable to further educate yourself on these kinds of listings as well as how they can benefit your own small business. Although, this would set you at a disadvantage, there are many things which are possible to do in order to help enhance your regional small business listing. Google won’t let you generate a different listing for unique locations your business serves so ensure your add these in utilizing the listing of area’s served selection. While Google’s neighborhood listings” field will offer nearby businesses, it would have a smart regional business with a considerable marketing budget to be in the organic results for this type of broad search.

Business listing in a neighborhood directory is a superb choice to build up your enterprise online and attract new clients. Now imagine the possible traffic your website will gain. On top of that, it is really an inexpensive method of driving traffic to your own site, blog, on-line store, or forum. You see, earning money on the net differs then earning money in real life, it’s just NOT any easier. Additionally, There are SEO Tactics that we’ve used within the pass to accomplish higher results for some of our regional businesses that out rank other companies within our area. For instance, If your company is situated several miles from your town, it is going to likely rank below those companies that are located within the town centre.

Your Internet marketing strategy may be self-implemented through many hours of SEO research and it’s also not not possible to optimize a web site by yourself. It’s crucial for the internet business to accomplish superior rank within the search engine. It is a wonderful way to begin getting your web site to rank higher in the top search engines. A great way to begin is to receive listed in as many directories as possible. Additionally, There are other on page SEO factors which are taken into account, additionally it is thought that the age of the website helps with ranking too. In reality once you learn a trust worthy search engine marketing specialist he/she can get you an organic organic search engine optimisation listing on the initial page on Google in a week and sometimes less.

If a business doesn’t show up on the initial page, owners don’t need to just settle for poor placements. Be certain to fill out all the available categories to be able to better maximize your listings potential. Avoid using 800 numbers, as they negatively affect the listing.

Specific businesses are extremely relevant to their regional areas, particularly when it comes to offline businesses. Still other smallish businesses discover that it’s unnecessary to have their company listed anywhere other compared to the top rated regional small business listings. I consult for many different small business across 42 unique countries and I’ve noticed a definitive shift in conventional small business marketing during the past three years.

The very first thing which one can perform is to watch an easy video posted by Google to demonstrate how the neighborhood small business search from Google works. This isn’t to say that there’s no value in Google AdWords, it is simply completely different. In case the ad will not get any clicks in relation to the website won’t gain any traffic which ultimately will signify no sales too. It’s another advantageous method to earn the search engine aware regarding your web site. The result is just a precise and very clear relation between the user and also your site. To be able to do so, you first have to receive a terrific website set up, and after that begin driving traffic to it.

Google Webmaster Tools can supply you with some very technical info and gives you detailed reports about your own web pages’ visibility on Google. It’s quite crucial that you do diligent keyword research and also to create ads which make the user wish to click on them. When you’re there, enter the requested code, then place a keyword within the search box. By creating multiple sets of keywords, they are able to effectively market any site’s product or solutions. Organic listings are another terrific way of attracting online attention…Plus, they’re also free! Write solid; substantial content and put it on your site.

Visit SEOTRAVERESECITY for more info on how to increase your ROI through Organic SEO,

Dentists In Traverse City MI

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If you are like any of us at our office and have been to a dentist before and had your gums bloody and you felt you had been in an MMA or Box Match, you will take solace knowing that not all practices are like that.

I have had the pleasure of going to Rose Street Dental-In Traverse City

and I have been quite pleased with every visit so far.  Dr. Tim is very kind and easy to get along with.  His staff, from the front desk to the assistants are courteous and help you feel at ease.  Dentist visits are usually at the top of the dread categories for most Americans. However I do not dread going to Rose Street for the simple fact that whoever has been cleaning my teeth has hands blessed by an angel.

I have talked to several other friends who go to other Physicians in town and unfortunately for my friends, their experiences are not nearly as good as mine.  You can check out their Dental Reviews on Yelp.  You can see what people are saying about Rose Street Dental on their Facebook Page.

Luckily for me I have only had two tiny cavities my whole life, but I know others have not been so fortunate. So if you want to save yourself some headache, and maybe some teeth and gum ache as well, do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Tim.

You can learn more about Dr. Tim and Rose Street Dental in Traverse City, here.

Traverse City Dentists


Knockout Your Competition!

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Find Internet Marketing Experts in TC MI

Traverse City SEO-Web Design

At SEOTraverseCity, everything we do is designed to give your business a competitive advantage. We know what it is like to be a business owner and think, “my company is so much better, than these other companies that are getting all the business from Google right now”. That was our owner, Steve’s story over 6 years ago.

He watched as he saw his family’s locally owned jewelry store, “Krissie’s Created Gems”, which some of you may remember, right next to Kilwin’s In Down Town TC; go under due to poor sales. Now the economy was not nearly as good then as it is now, but if they had a proper SEO campaign and better Social Media strategies, that business could have weathered the storm and made it through to now, where stores are thriving in Down Town Traverse City.

If you are ready to start getting over on your competition, then take all out massive action and Contact Us!

Ann Arbor SEO

Best Detroit SEO Services Company

Internet Marketing Solutions for E commerce,


Content Marketing VS Traditional Ads

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Can You Achieve Great ROI Online?

Have you ever been signing your favorite song from, Mumford and Sons, and your friend, spouse or child asks you who sings that song?  You answer them, or course its Mumford and Sons, or it’s Katy Perry, or U2 or whatever song you are singing at the time. THEN, they tell you “Let them sing it.”  Ouch!

Well sometimes I come across an article that is so good that I can’t really do it justice to paraphrase it or do small excerpts.  I firmly believe that this is one of the better balance articles speaking the truth of traditional native advertising and the return on investment (ROI) that companies can experience when they decide to work with an SEO Agency that really knows what they are doing. See the original article here.

As the efficacy of outbound marketing continues to wane, more and more marketers are considering native advertising and content marketing as viable alternatives. According to our survey, 72% of clients have asked their content marketing agencies about native advertising.

interest in content marketing over time

While these two strategies have many similarities, one of their major differences is cost. Based on new exclusive research conducted by Fractl and Moz, these top-tier publishers require the following minimum spend to produce native advertising campaigns for brands:

native advertising minimum spend


The goal of our research was to take a data-driven approach to comparing the efficacy of native advertising versus content marketing. For the first part of our study, we created a 14-question survey for content marketing providers which explored everything from the cost of their services to the reach of their campaigns. Our friends at Relevance were kind enough to offer the raw data on their native advertising cost research as well, allowing us to focus on gathering additional cost data from the top-tier publishers we maintain relationships with. After we received the survey responses from over 30 different content marketing agencies and cost data from close to 600 digital publishers, we began our analysis.

native advertising vs. content marketing research

I. Identifying marketing objectives and challenges in the digital age

Before we dive into our findings, it’s important to know the collective objectives and challenges of the inbound marketing age. Since Fractl and Moz spearheaded this study, we wanted to use an authoritative third-party source to support our research and set the stage for our discussion.

For that, we’ll refer to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2014–2015 Report. The four graphs below shed light on marketing’s key objectives, challenges, and wins.

1. The top 60% of marketing objectives focus on increasing leads, converting customers, and reaching relevant audiences.

top marketing priorities by role

2. The number one challenge marketers report is proving the ROI of their marketing activities.

top marketing challenges by year

3. SEO is the number one lead-generating source reported by inbound marketing professionals.

most important marketing lead sources

4. The companies with the highest ROI focus on blogging, organic search, and content amplification.

top inbound marketing projects

Right out of the gate we see that content, organic search, and content amplification are leading the way for marketers, priming content providers and promoters for exponential growth.

content marketing quote dell

So how does content marketing compare to native advertising?

II. The landscape of content marketing and native advertising opportunities

The bullhorn of radio, television, print, and other one-way interruptive marketing approaches are quickly losing efficacy, allowing content marketing and native advertising to step in and solve the following problems:

  • Banner blindness: The average click-through rate (CTR) of display ads is 0.1%.
  • Eroding email engagement rates: Industry CTRs range from 1.5%–4.79%.
  • Skipped pre-roll ads: 94% of people hit the skip button.
  • Fragmented consumer attention: 77% of people watch TV while using another device.
  • Inability to track outbound marketing ROI: Marketers can easily track content performance and conversion with inbound.
  • High cost-per-lead for outbound marketing: Inbound leads are more cost-effective, with over 2x the marketers citing inbound (45%) as their primary source of leads versus outbound (22%) in 2014.
  • Low brand engagement: While outbound marketing interrupts consumers, inbound marketing attracts and engages prospects in an organic way.

But what are the major differentiating factors between content marketing and native advertising?

content marketing quote Kraft Foods

native advertising quote

Both content marketing and native advertising can be used to generate brand awareness and engagement. While top-tier publishers sell themselves on their large, built-in reach, sponsored content doesn’t guarantee engagement. Below, we created a Buzzsumo analysis of 38 BuzzFeed native advertising campaigns in comparison to 58 Fractl content marketing campaigns. The BuzzFeed campaigns were calculated using all of the posts on a “Brand Publisher’s” page (e.g. Kindle); while the Fractl campaigns were calculated using all of the campaigns executed for each of our client’s during 2014.

measuring content marketing campaigns against native advertising

At Fractl, we’ve earned an average of 90 links and 10,000 social shares per campaign, across 140 different campaigns executed between 2013 and 2015. In comparison, with native advertising, you’re often just paying for the ability to publish content solely on the site you’re partnering with. Although BuzzFeed boasts monthly traffic numbers in the multi-millions, this doesn’t guarantee social engagement nor syndication of a campaign, as seen above.

traffic data from BuzzFeed

Further into our research, you’ll see that that content marketing agencies are doing the additional legwork with influencer marketing to amplify their content, which creates a larger reach than most top-tier publishers offering native advertising.

Furthermore, content marketing results directly impact a client’s organic search positioning, whereas native advertising is limited by Google’s guidelines:

  • Content Marketing: ROI can be tracked through increased organic rankings as a direct result of earning a diverse, high-quality link portfolio.
  • Native Advertising: Reach is limited to the number of paid publisher partnerships, and “sponsored links” are not allowed to pass value.

Matt Cutts paid links tweet

BuzzFeed paid links tweet

Has the cost of native advertising been inflated as a means of recovering revenue, or is it truly worth the tens of thousands of dollars that top-tier publishers are charging?

Native advertising quote New York Times

Let’s dig further into the numbers to find out.

III. Cost analysis of the native advertising industry

Based on HubSpot’s report, 93% of companies with an annual marketing budget between $1 and $5 million are practicing inbound.

companies that practice inbound marketing by budget

Estimates from BI Intelligence show that spending on native ads will reach $7.9 billion in 2015 and grow to $21 billion in 2018, rising from just $4.7 billion in 2013.

native advertising revenue desktop and mobile

But can most businesses afford the exorbitant costs for native advertising on top-tier publishers? Is the ROI worth it? Using native advertising cost data gathered by Relevance and Fractl, we analyzed the cost of native advertising on general news publishers with a domain authority (DA) greater than 80 and a social following greater than 100,000 – highly sought after placements for most brands.

The average cost of launching a native advertising program with a top-tier news publisher was $54,014.29. The highest cost was $200,000.

native advertising cost by domain authority

When we expanded our analysis to include all publishers who have a DA greater than 80, we found the average cost of launching a native advertising program was $35,482.50*.

*Average value derived from original cost totals and not the averages displayed in the image above.

average cost of native advertising by domain authority

When we evaluate all publishers and blogs below a DA of 80, we see the less valuable publishers (lower reach) offer a significantly reduced cost. For sites with a DA less than 80, the highest cost was $20,000 and the lowest cost was $10.

cost of native advertising lower domain authority

As outlined above, native advertising cost is largely associated with authority and reach. However, since engagement isn’t a guarantee and the costs can be exorbitant for most brands, there’s a need for other options that leverage and amplify content.

IV. Analysis of the efficacy of content marketing

Through our exclusive survey of over 30 content marketing agencies, we discovered how the content marketing landscape compares to native advertising.

1. 70% of content marketing agencies offer monthly retainers.

The industry is largely dominated by retainer packages, which often include production on multiple campaigns, influencer marketing, and on-site/overall strategy consultation. As represented in this pie chart, the pay-per-word structure is quickly eroding, and more comprehensive inbound marketing strategies are taking its place.

overall advertising pricing structure

2. Retainers tend to fall into four buckets: $1,000–$5,000, $5,000–$10,000, $10,000–$50,000, and $50,000–$100,000.

Of all of our questions, this answer had one of the most evenly balanced responses, which demonstrates that there is a content marketing package that almost every business can afford. Similar to the native advertising scale, content marketing costs largely relate to the scope of the projects being produced (e.g., press releases versus interactive graphics) and their reach (e.g., influencer marketing versus no outreach).

monthly retainer analysis agency

3. On average, 65% of agencies produce between 1 and 10 campaigns per month for each client.

With content marketing campaigns, success is largely determined by a portfolio of executions: it’s natural to have some campaigns flop for reasons outside of your control (i.e., poor publisher headlines, trending stories monopolize news, etc.), but over a portfolio of executions (i.e., three- to six-month retainers), most agencies can guarantee a base level of success.

research pieces of content produced by agency

4. Articles and infographics represent almost 60% of production, with case studies, interactive graphics, and videos accounting for close to 30% of production.

Based on our previous survey of 500 top-tier publishers, we found that articles and infographics were the most sought after content formats, so it’s good to see most agencies are producing what’s in-line with the publishers that will give them the largest reach.

analysis of content formats

5. Excluding outliers, the average content marketing campaign earns 27 links.

Across 38 native advertising campaigns produced by BuzzFeed, only eight backlinks were earned – an average of 0.18 backlinks per campaign. If you include the BuzzFeed article itself as a pickup (like we did in section II), you’ll get an average number of campaign pickups of 1.18.

average number of links earned

6. The average for each agency’s “most successful campaign” is 422 links and the median is 150 links.

Again, we see a fairly even split with this response, likely relating back to the even split we saw with the monthly retainer.

most links earned by successful content

7. Does agency cost correlate to performance?

Here, we see the sweet spot for success comes from agencies that are given the budget to produce larger-scope campaigns and invest in influencer marketing – those charging $5,000 to $50,000 per content marketing campaign or retainer.

cost of link analysis content marketing

8. 48% of clients measure content marketing success by the number of leads, high-quality links, and total social shares generated by each campaign.

Remember, marketing professionals listed two top objectives: increasing the number of leads and reaching the relevant audience. With content marketing, this translates directly into the number of leads generated from high-quality links/placements, and reaching the relevant audience translates into total social shares/engagement on a targeted campaign.

top three metrics clients use to measure success

9. 39% use DA to evaluate the authority of a link.

While 39% of agencies use DA to evaluate the authority of a link, an almost equal number of agencies (35.7%) aren’t tracking link authority. This is interesting, considering high-quality links were reported as the number two metric for content marketing success; however, high-quality links only accounted for 14.3% of the total pie, so DA might only be tracked by the agencies that have the budget to produce campaigns that earn high-quality links.

number one metric to determine content marketing success

V. The ROI of content marketing vs. native advertising

As we saw in Section I, proving ROI is a marketer’s biggest challenge. In fact, 20% of inbound marketers aren’t measuring ROI. However, those who are measuring ROI have been able to prove that inbound unlocks ROI and ROI unlocks budget.

content marketing roi

So, how do you prove ROI? And which tactic is best for your brand?

As a starting point, we’ll refer to Neil Patel’s estimates for content marketing by the numbers:

content marketing by the numbers

Using these metrics, we came up with a beta content ROI calculator which determines campaign ROI by analyzing traffic, social shares, links, and major placements:

content roi calculator

When we plugged our most viral infographic to-date into our handy calculator, we found the client received a low estimated ROI of greater than 1,551% and a high estimated ROI greater than 2,942%.

infographic roi calculation

Now, let’s perform the same analysis for Intel’s most successful BuzzFeed native advertising campaign “15 Things We Did At School That Future Students Will Never Understand,” which earned 109,020 social shares and 1 backlink generated from BuzzFeed itself. Since there’s no way for us to determine traffic data as an outsider, we’ll assume this post made it to BuzzFeed’s “top posts this week section.” Out of the 20 top posts from this past week, the average view count was 989,332, which we’ll use as our guesstimate for their traffic number.

At the $100K level a brand gets 3 custom pieces of content from BuzzFeed, meaning this single campaign cost $33,333.33. When we put the max value for links and major placements, and Neil Patel’s highest estimated value for visitor and share, we find Intel’s campaign ROI was:

content roi calculator fractl

This puts the high-performing campaign ROI for BuzzFeed at 720.53% and Fractl at 2,942%.

Based on all of the above, we know that the average content marketing campaign can deliver the same if not better KPIs than most native advertising campaigns. While some companies have the budget to invest in both tactics, others have to focus on the tactics driving the highest ROI. So, which tactic is right for your brand?

content marketing vs native advertising grid analysis

Whether you go with content marketing or native advertising, you’ll always need to refine your processes to increase your content ROI. To do this, download our research bundle and leverage data-driven insights on content creation and pitching best practices.

Social Media And SEO|How To USE Your Active Social Media Accts For Revenue

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Can I REALLY Monetize Social Media?

Well Yes you can.  To really understand how an active social media presence benefits your business, your customers, your conversion rates and your Earnings you need to understand how Google works.

SEO For Social Media Services

SEO For Social Media-

Digital Marketing is changing. With websites and applications like Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter among others have changed the way that consumers interact with brands. Some industry experts myself included call it “social proofing” when a company is active online on these platforms.

Without active and engaging accounts to prove that the company is legitimate, other companies with similar offerings, similar SEO Metrics can win out. Let’s dig a bit deeper. Let’s say your competitor… has the same Domain Authority, Page Authority for all the same pages.

Domain Authority is how trusted a site is in an estimation of Google’s Algo. Page Authority is how powerful those sites are. DA is the accumulation of the PA of all the Pages in the site. So assuming your competition has the same metrics across the board, the difference can be Where the traffic is coming in from.

Google has many data partners. So- if your competition has active social accounts and is getting real traffic and links (more to come on that) from these trusted data partners; then Google will be able to see that yes they are active and engaging and can and will award better rankings to your competition.

Think about Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Every time someone Retweets or Reblogs your original post you have votes of confidence from Very High Domain Sites (average between the 3 is 99 DA out of 100). With that you can power up your social media posts, driving SEO value as well as traffic to your sites. Picture this, would you rather have a link from a directory site that is pretty generic talking about cars with Domain Authority of 30 and Page authority 32, or would you rather have a social media post with hundreds of retweets or reblogs from Domain Authority sites of 99 and Page Authority of 30? The correct answer is the Latter option.

Meet the customer where they are. The 4 P’s of Marketing are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. You know your product, price. Let’s talk about how we promote and WHERE we promote. Again, we want to be where our potential customers are. My grandma is on Facebook. So many elderly people are on some form of social platform or another if they are in the sub 70 age range.

Social Media Services Traverse City

Having an active presence online will benefit our SEO efforts in many ways, as well as long term help with your branding, brand loyalty and market positioning.


  1. Trusted Brands Have active Social Profiles. Google Sees that and builds that into their algorithms.
  2. Google can see where Traffic is coming from. Brands that have active Social Accounts will get real users from these sites to their Home and Inner Pages. Google rewards that with higher rankings and greater Trust.
  3. When you share content as a post or tweet etc, and you have a link back to your product page that you are promoting, if it gets likes, retweets or shares; there is inherent and real SEO value. The pages that re-share your content are coming from Very High Domain Authority sites and can and do have similar if not the same metrics as a back link.
  4. Customers expect brands to have social accounts where they can interact with you and see what you have going on. It is hard to have Raving Fans if you are not meeting them where they are meeting and “hanging out”.

We offer a wide variety of Internet Marketing Services.  To Learn More About Organic SEO Experts.  For Web Design Services For Social Media For SEO Value

Is Your Business Ready For Summer? 2015 Seasonal Business SEO Strategies N. Michigan

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How To Get More Phone Calls From Your Website

Traverse City SEO Companies

Yes Summer is coming. Today is a high of 40 degrees, and yes that is cold but… the sun is out.  So there is hope. What we want to talk about today is how to take advantage of the increase in population that happens in Northern Michigan, specifically Traverse City and how your business can make more money from this time of year.

We all know that there are a good number of “snow birds” or retirees that travel to and from warm climate to Traverse City and simply chase the sun.  Add in the fact that there is a large amount of “fudgees” or tourists and the population rises drastically.

Let’s say  you own a landscaping business.  Now, being end of March is the time when you want to get your Face, Name, Phone number out in front of people as home owners are looking to improve their dwelling, or make it prettier.  This time of year, my lawn finally starts to show and I always get voles in my yard. They tear it up, so I have to go out and rake it and reseed it and fertilize etc.  If I wasn’t into being outdoors and doing it myself, I would go go Google, and type in, “Best Landscaper Traverse City”.  What I would find is a list that looks like this.

SEO For Landscapers, Traverse City MI

If you click on the image you will see a larger snap shot which shows a few local listings indicated by Map Pins as well as the first few organic rankings. In reality it would not be too terribly hard for a landscaping company to get into the Map section, as long as they had the correct SEO consultant to help them.

IS SEO Worth The Money?

Well, let’s take a look at a scenario.  Let’s say that there are 1,000 searches for landscapers in Traverse City during peak months. Well then you have to figure how many jobs can we handle? If we get more business, will we be able to hire enough people? Will our quality of work suffer? Do we have the proper support staff to handle these leads? If you were to close 5% of the searches that would 50 new landscaping contracts each month Multiply that by the Amount of Revenue Per each job, and you my friend as my theoretical owner of a landscaping company could be missing out on A LOT OF MONEY.

How Do I get my business On Google?

A good place to start is by picking up the phone and calling 231-680-0624 or by filling out or analysis form. With the Mobile “Apocalypse” nearly upon us the time is now to take action and make sure your website is ready for the SERPS splitting. If your business is not easily found on the first page of Google, you quite literally are losing money.


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Mobile Apocalypse Is Nigh! The Sky is falling! Or IS IT?

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How Can You Prepare for the Serps Splitting?

If you do not follow the SEO world at all- which why would you really unless that is what you do for a living?  Then you probably have not heard that Google is planning on a massive roll out update that will essentially give two different SERPS. A mobile and Desktop version of search results. This effects websites that are currently not “mobile friendly”.  Bit of advice- being responsive does not mean that your website is “mobile friendly”.  Click here for the Google Mobile Friendly Tool.

According to an authority in the space, seoClarity, about 30% of all searches are coming from mobile devices. Now some of your traffic to your site can vary upon your industry, and your users. If your platform of choice really is done on Amazon, then this update won’t really effect you as most people use the amazon app on their smartphone, also the amazon site is mobile friendly as well.  However if you run an e-commerce business online, where your income is dependent upon people finding you through the Google organic rankings and your site is not optimized for mobile—-PAY ATTENTION!

Hear Me Now and Listen To Me Later!

Michigan SEO

Ok, any Arnold fans out there?

Whether you take action or not, there will be action taken. So do something about it. Contact your SEO person, your web designer, your webmaster- your brother or whoever handles your website and ask them how can you get in front of this?  Because if you are positioned correctly and others are not, you can be in a position to move up a few spots in the rankings.  Where others fall to take action you can reap the benefit.

Contact us if you are interested in getting more leads to your website or e-commerce platform.

We specialize in Amazon Rankings-Organic SEO-And SEO Friendly Web Site Design Architecture.


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How To Gain More Customers Via Your Website

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How To Win The Local Search Results Arms Race with Organic SEO

With increased competition and more savvy customers utilizing the internet to find the best local businesses for their needs, your business may need to adapt in order to survive. The age old adage of, “be where your customers are” still holds true now. Maybe more than ever your business needs to be found where your potential customers are spending time. Often that is Social Media Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other number of social media sites. Not having these sites, is a red flag not only to your customers but also to Google.  We call it “Social Proof”. Most successful and popular websites and business’- depending on the industry obviously, have some sort of present and engaging social media site(s).

How To Rank on Google Maps

To look like more than just a “lead generation” site you need to have branded sites that your company interacts with it’s customers on. This whole process of being where your customers are weighs quite heavily with Google’s constantly changing algorithms. Whereas once the Yellow Pages were the go to decision maker for finding a local product or service, Google, Bing and Yahoo are not the default search, or decision engines. It is often as simple as speaking into your phone your desired search string, and the phone will give out a few local dots on a map with the option to call that business with two clicks. Relating to Google, that is referred to as being found on, “Google my business” or “Google Local 7 Pack” or “Google Map Pins”. These are very powerful and can give the customer driving directions to your business, let them call you or visit your website right from the Google Application on their phone.

Benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO, is just as important as the Map Listings, but for different reasons. Often if you are doing well in the Organic your Map Listings will follow, while the two share similar paths to ranking high on Google, there are small subtle differences and it truly takes an Expert in Google My Business to understand and help your business get to where you want it to be.You can experience massive levels of Return on Investment for Your Internet Marketing Dollar when you implement Search Engine Optimization Strategies successfully.

You may be surprised to see how many local people are actually searching for products or services that you actually provide. When you see the amount of money that you are literally gifting to your competition by not being at the top of the search engines, you will often become frustrated. No need to feel that way, simply make a choice to win!

Michigan Organic SEO

For More information on how to get your website on the right track click here for a complimentary website analysis.

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Michigan SEO- Internet Marketing For The Mitten State

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Why SEO Can Be The Best Value For Your Marketing Dollars

Michigan SEO experts render high quality services which are relatively inexpensive when you factor in the potential for high ROI. This means you to save the money you would have spent on hiring some other potentially non high ROI delivering services. Internet Marketing services are readily affordable and this enables  your business to earn huge profit.

Web Services Companies often offer services which can drive traffic to your website and help increase your sales.  Benefits of hiring these experts is that they help you to take your business to another level by showing you how to make your website a money making asset. These experts focus on your daily business transactions in order to show you how to improve and add on your daily capacity online.

You will be able to reach many customers within a very short period at an affordable price. This is often faster as online campaigns can be generated quicker than billboards and other mediums.

Increased sales with Michigan SEO Agencies

Michigan SEO Agencies  will show you various strategies to use in your business operation in order to drive many customers to your site. This will also help in making your brand name known by many individuals across the world. Hence this will result to increased sales and revenue. If you utilize the expert’s information well in handling your business, you will achieve your goals very fast and easily.

Internet Marketing Services Saves time and effort.

Hiring one of these experts will help you to save on time and effort you would have used to market your business on your own. You may be able to achieve your goals on your own but it will take a lot of time to accomplish your mission. Therefore hiring one of these IM experts will not only save you time but will also make your business more visible in the search engines and social media markets.

Consultants will also help in making your website to achieve a high ranking in the top search engines,which will increase your sales at a very high rate.

Branding Your Business

It is vital to brand your business. If someone Google’s your brand name and you are not at the top of the list, because someone else’s business came up first, the customer could become confused. This is vitally important to claim your internet real estate and brand your name as your own entity. More likely than not, someone else has “Bob’s Plumbing” some where else in the United States. With innovative digital marketing strategies and branding, you can come up at the top for your own business, which is the start for a successful SEO campaign.

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How To Draw Traffic To Your Michigan Based Business’ Web Site

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How To Drive More Customers To Your MI Based Business Web Site


When you are looking for more traffic to your web site one of the most cost effective ways to do that is through Organic SEO Traffic. Organic traffic is defined as non advertised traffic. Still confused?  Ok, so when you search for “Detroit SEO” and the first spot under the “Ads” section you will see my web site. My site has the first organic ranking for that particular search set on Google.

The reason organic does so well is because it converts more readily than PPC or Pay Per Click. Consumers are in the belief that ads are not as heavily trusted as Google and their algorithms. People use Google for everything practically. There is built in trust with Google. Therefore, when the person on the computer,tablet, or smart-phone asks Google what is the Best Business in that area… they are trusting Google to give them the best information.

A few things that will help get you more customers-

  • An engaging site. Your website must be mobile friendly and scale up and down depending on the screen size.
  • A converting Site. Your site must make the customer want to buy. Think of it as the feel good or trust effect.
  • A sales process. We can drive all the traffic in the world to your website, but if you lack the infrastructure to properly convert those leads into customers, then those calls or inquiries are worthless.

Internet Marketing Can help your business when executed properly. IM is very complex in that it involves a multitude of different services.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Organic SEO
  • Blogging

When your business is active on Social Media, has a high Frequency of Publish (blogging),has a nice web design and ranked in the top few spots on the first page of Google, then you are going to be in very good shape. When you need these services to help your business grow and achieve a high level of ROI contact us today. We will be happy to show you why we are Michigan’s Best SEO Agency.



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